When the vibrations from the planets touch our body we move To and Fro or sideways. We can observe these activities while practicing Master Yoga. We receive telegraphic waves. We send our prayers to the Planets and receive back telegraphic waves similar to the telephone calls.



Little to know about us. We are here for you.

Human life is a laboratory, right from the Invisible Atom to the Intangible Atma, human life is an Intriguing Affair. There is a need to delve deep into the mysteries of Human Existence. All that is available to us is our own experience or other’s experience. It might be our own spiritual saga or a Mahatma’s story of Nirvana. Only when we diligently unwrap the knots of these experiences, we can find the underlying thread of Truth. Whether we dig deep into the books, try to delve into the Mind itself, or fathom the depths of Soul, it should have a significant impact on our personalities and our actions too. It should lead our lives into a meaningful existence. Be it philosophy, psychology, personality, sociology, yoga or meditation; YOGAALAYA aims to launch you into such a journey. Whether you yearn for a better social personality or a sublime spiritual personality, YOGAALAYA Research Center is not just a laboratory but a library for the Spirit, a portal to Wisdom.