When the vibrations from the planets touch our body we move To and Fro or sideways. We can observe these activities while practicing Master Yoga. We receive telegraphic waves. We send our prayers to the Planets and receive back telegraphic waves similar to the telephone calls.



Little to know about us. We are here for you.
YOGAALAYA Is for ‘Spiritual Brotherhood’.
YOGAALAYA Is organized on ‘Spirituality through Meditation’.
YOGAALAYA is founded to reconcile all religions under a common system of ethics.
YOGAALAYA started its journey to purify and elevate the mind.
YOGAALAYA show the route to turn the self toward the spiritual good
YOGAALAYA accepts any system by its results
YOGAALAYA believes in ‘Union is strength and harmony’
YOGAALAYA struggles to relieve moral, emotional and physical human suffering.
YOGAALAYA stresses that one can reach the true goal through service to mankind.
YOGAALAYA encourages spiritual activities in a conscious environment
YOGAALAYA assert that the spiritual spark in humans being one and identical in its essence with the Universal Spirit.
YOGAALAYA believes ‘Spiritual Self’ as practically omniscient.
YOGAALAYA believes that pure living souls will ascend as universal spirits and accepts the change as a state or condition.
YOGAALAYA struggles to inculcate great moral truths.
YOGAALAYA researches and exterminate the various mistakes found in different religious methods.
YOGAALAYA struggles to remove the clouds in spiritual arena.
YOGAALAYA believes that the old doctrines meant for everyone and never belong to any religion, race or time
YOGAALAYA strengths are founded on the immortal individuality
YOGAALAYA is not for religion, caste, creed and colour
YOGAALAYA is not against to nature and sacred science
YOGAALAYA is not meant for the gratification of one's personal ambition, pride, or vanity
YOGAALAYA never surrenders to one philosophy irrespective of east and west
YOGAALAYA never recommend any kind technique for selfish ends
YOGAALAYA maintain that the term spirit can only be applied to the true individuality
YOGAALAYA says every human must put in practice the loftiest moral ideal, must strive to realize his/her unity with the whole of humanity, and work ceaselessly for others