When the vibrations from the planets touch our body we move To and Fro or sideways. We can observe these activities while practicing Master Yoga. We receive telegraphic waves. We send our prayers to the Planets and receive back telegraphic waves similar to the telephone calls.



Little to know about us. We are here for you.

In fact, YOGAALAYA established with the existence of MASTER YOGAASHRAM. Master Yogaashram is the soul of Yogaalaya. Even though Yogaalaya has Seven Centres Master Yogaashram is Meditation Centre and Active Centre for regular Master Yoga activities. Master Yogaashram was founded in Madras as Master C.V.V. Yoga School during 1970 and later on moved to Hyderabad in the year 1977. In 1989 the Yoga School was renamed as MASTER YOGAASHRAM. Since then the Ashram is running at Tirumalagiri, Secunderabad. Master Yogaashram is founded by MASTER SARVARI and now is having full fledge activities of Briktha Rahitha Thaaraka Raaja Yoga under the guidance of Dr. Vaasili Vasanta Kumar, the Director. This New Yoga was revealed by Master C.V.V. as unique and independent system. Master C.V.V. established links with Higher Masters and Invisible Worlds and received hundreds of Special Courses. All these courses and regulations are useful to rectify humans and establish permanent links with other Planets and thereby to make Man Physically Immortal. Hence this yoga is known as Satya Yoga with the principle “Yoga Teach – Prana Treat”.

MASTER YOGAASHRAM is a replica to the Yoga School Friends Society of Kumbakonam founded by Master C.V.V. in the year 1910. Master Yogaashram strictly follow the methods established in those good olden days. Master Yogaashram literally observes Master C.V.V. guide lines. Admission to Master Yogaashram is unlimited. A new entrants should possess some clear understanding of Master Yoga, have modern outlook and should not have strong attachment with the Tradition and Religion. The mediums should have Independent outlook and Freedom in their personal choice at the least. Initiation is a must to become a member of Master Yoga faculty.

Since founded, Master Yogaashram is conducting Special Yoga Congregations on 29th, 30th and 31st of May and December months. On every Sunday at 3-30 PM Discussions on Yoga subject, Special Courses will be practiced in between 4-30 and 6-30 PM. Initiation will be given at 6-30 PM for new entrants.

Some rules to be followed -
The new entrants should be matured persons.
The new entrants should give up the routine observances as ordained by the rules of the religious sect of which they are members.
The new entrants should be solvent.
The new entrants should be free from worries.
The new entrants should not be addicted to any questionable ways or habits of life.
The new entrants must have the determination not to give up the practice.
The new entrants should desist from practicing Pranaayaama, Concentration of mind and Incantations of Bijaaksharaas.
The new entrants should desist from all other activities except that earns their livelihood.
The new entrants must give up non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
With the Initiation the medium should practice both morning and evening, precisely at 6-00. Those that can’t afford to attend at 6 may practice around 8-00 AM in mornings and after 8-00 or before bed time at nights. Minimum 30 minutes practice is necessary to the medium.